Your Child’s Safety

AngelDads, Inc. puts the safety of your child first. We understand that most of the children we serve have single mothers. Others may have grandparent(s) or another guardian. It is important that you feel safe & that you know your child will be well taken care of during AngelDads activities and outings.

All of our AngelDads are required to have complete background checks. Every volunteer is given a code of conduct to follow to ensure that you and your boy or girl feel safe and secure at all times in the presence of their sponsor (AngelDad).

AngelDads, Inc. hosts regular events to allow moms/guardians attend with their children to give all the opportunity to meet and get to know one another.  A mom or guardian is also welcome to be present during AngelDad visits until they are comfortable with their sponsor.

If there is ever any question regarding the conduct of an AngelDad, please contact us right away.

All of our AngelDads are volunteers who are husbands or single parents with children of their own, who also have a desire to serve other boys and girls in making their lives better. We believe that children need more that just one hour a week like some other mentor services. We believe that kids need someone they can think of as they would a dad, mentor, or trusted friend… someone to count on, who will be there for them at any time.

Previous Events

iFly Indoor Skydiving

AngelDads sponsored a an indoor skydiving experience. The children had a confidence building experience & developed new friendships.

Schlitterbahn Fun

AngelDads sponsored a day of fun at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels. The kids enjoyed a fun day getting to know each other & making new friends.

Westcreek Trail Rides

AngelDads sponsored a day at Westcreek Trail Rides. The children became familiar with, pet and rode horses. Your kids could have these fun new experiences. Signup your child with AngelDads.  

Trip to Skateland West

AngelDads sponsored a day of fun at Skateland West & the children had a blast with the game "Red Light, Green Light".